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Reverend Becky Toalster



Deacon Pattie Behnstedt


Admin.  Assistant and Sexton:

Mr. Wayne Troxler



Mr. Tim Davis



Mr. Casey Fletcher


Altar Guild Director:

Mrs. George-Ann Hodges

About Us


The Episcopal Church recognizes that as unique individuals, everyone hears God's message and perceives God's presence in different ways. Our perception of God and our faith is as specific to each of us as we are different and unique from everyone else in the world.  God's message to us is not "one size fits all". Rather, the teachings of Jesus Christ and the message He brought into the world is that God's saving love and blessing come in all sizes and shapes, and we are all offered an understanding of God uniquely tailored to fit each of us through the Holy Spirit.


Holy Trinity Episcopal Church offers a comfortable, low-key, family oriented worship experience that is steeped in ancient Christian tradition.  We have a diverse congregation that brings together different cultures and backgrounds, and both men and women share equally in positions in the church.  You will hear prayerful and grace-dependent theological teaching told with the intent of  assisting you to understand God's message that rings clearly and true to you as an individual, rather than feeling as if you are being taught what you have to believe. While dramatic conversions have long been discussed in the Christian faith, at Holy Trinity we believe it is more significant to view faith as an ongoing journey that does not end in this life.


Our goal is to assist people on their journey as they listen for God's unique message for them.  We want to help our members grow in an understanding of Jesus' teachings, as they strive to live their lives in a way that conforms to the message they hear from the Holy Spirit and what our Lord Christ has taught us.


If you wish to be a part of a loving congregation that together is sharing the journey in faith, please join us.

Click the above button to see a drone tour of our beautiful facility, including inside the sanctuary.

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